Why Do I Hate Spics?

You all my ask why do I hate spics. Well, for one every spic has nigger blood in them, and you all already know I hate niggers. Spics steal shit and rape little children. They are trying to take over America by planting their spic seed in it. I can’t stand to see spics and my people (the better race) with these spics. Not only does it add more spics to their race but takes away from ours. Let me tell you all. Spics are not whites. They are more niggers than anything. Let them breed with the niggers and destroy their race amongst themselves. Spics are causing problems in this country. I was just at Home Depot (The Spic Depot) the other day and this dirty little spic comes out of nowhere asking me for a job. I couldn’t even understand the little spic until he repeated the shit like two times. Fuck it, I’m tired of telling you why I hate spics. Now you all tell me why you hate spics.


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